Take Our Clients’ Word

Profoundly Sensitive

I began working with Kari three years ago. Through her profoundly sensitive and effective work she helped me to release deep trauma which allowed me to access my true self, my light. She is highly ethical and safe. She is trained by the best Shamanic teachers in the richest traditions on the planet at this time. Shamanism offers a different lens into the healing process which is necessary for unearthing deep seated resistances we may be holding. Kari helps me to find my freedom and access prosperity on all levels. I have worked with some of the world’s most profound healers and have worked for over 25 years as a healer. From my own experience and my knowledge of healing, I highly recommend Kari’s work.

Pam, New Hampshire

Forever Grateful

I was lucky enough to do some ceremonial work with Kari Ashenwey over the course of one powerful weekend. It’s hard to put into words the love, support and connection I felt from Kari as I processed some very old and complicated feelings and experiences. Her skillful leadership and guidance helped me make a very big life transition and I will be forever grateful. Kari is like a magical being from another realm that floats around earth and some of us are lucky enough to cross paths with her through her healing work

Atoosa, New York


Kari is knowledgeable, intuitive, and passionate in her shamanic practice.

I value our sessions where she supports and guides me in my life work of healing and wholeness.


Susan, Massachusetts

Safe and Open

I was guided to Kari about ten years ago not knowing what to expect with my healing process. I had suffered for years with travel anxiety and didn’t realize where the trauma started. We journeyed in ways I had never experienced. Shamanism was a healing I had never stepped into through all my years. Not only did we discover the reasoning for the trauma we healed the trauma. Kari helped me to feel safe and open to so many spaces and aspects within my life that needed much attention. Ten years later I still work closely with Kari and will continue when things get stuck in a way that she can only help navigate in healing.

Christina, Maine


My daughter introduced me to Kari years ago when she had great success with her process in her healing. I am an old school man but knew I could learn something the minute Kari arrived for our session. I felt different in a positive way after the work. I would definitely work with Kari again and highly recommend her services

Richard, Maine


Kari is truly gifted! I’ve been so fortunate to receive energetic healing from her over the course of many years. If you have old energy that drains you or holds you back from being the best version of yourself, I completely recommend working with Kari to shift that energy. Even small challenges can be shifted through energetic work. Kari also clears homes and workspaces very effectively! The work she does truly comes from a place of light and love to help you step into your highest and best self!

Lauri, New Hampshire

Clarity and Perspective

Working with Kari and her sacred medicine has brought clarity and perspective to my life time and time again. Kari really makes the space to bring my subconscious fourth and change harmful patterns in my life.

Sam, New Hampshire


I worked with Kari after a conversation around purpose and destiny. She was very insightful and nurturing throughout the process, especially considering the level of anxiety I was feeling at the time around this area of my life. She put in much more time than was allotted to deal with me on multiple levels. Shortly after, I experienced an alignment of circumstances that cannot be explained. When I work with her again, I imagine this will continue to occur.

Tom, New York


My sessions with Kari have been very supportive. She is a pleasure to work with and very powerful healer. Sessions are always personal and grounding surrounded by beautiful healing items. I have used Kari to guide me from past traumas, to cleansing a new home and have always been elated with the results. Kari has a way of really seeing her clients where they are and leaving them with a sense of calm.

VB, New Hampshire


Kari Ashenwey has my highest recommendation! In a very short period of time, through the guidance of Ms. Ashenwey’s skillful consultation I was able to focus and direct my inquiry to define the scope for healing. Kari has a gift to make me (and others) feel completely at ease. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a professionally trained healer, to gain access and connect mind, body and spirit!

Kari gave me the tools necessary to grieve the loss of my father and process conflicting and complex emotions that come with major life events. Trained in the Peruvian shamanic lineage, Kari has mastery to bring people in touch with their spirit and has expanded my capacity to connection to nature! I am well on the way on my journey and staying rooted as I go. Her healing touch is transformative, and has allowed me to heal and access the deepest part of myself-when I came to her to be free myself.

Kari has my unqualified endorsement as a world-class shamanic healer!

Michael, Washington DC