Individual Healing Sessions
1.5 hours. This session is the right option for you if you are new to shamanic healing or coming for an annual or bi-annual check up. Consists of: introductory conversation, energy work, and session review. For more details on what a session looks like visit the FAQ Page .
Healing Package
Inclusive of 4 individual healing sessions. This package is the right option for you if you are committed to your healing journey and wanting transformation and guidance through a larger issue or circumstance. This is also a great option for those looking for ongoing support and coaching.
New Years Package
A series of 3 sessions to be used in January, February and March designed to Release Old Habits and help you achieve your goals.
Spring Package
A series of 3 sessions to be used in April, May and June. Designed to cultivate and nurture the seeds of potential of things you wish to have in your life. These sessions help you to step into the highest expression of who you are.
Summer Package
A series of 3 sessions to be used in July, August and September. Summer is a time when everything is in full bloom. Designed to look at what you have grown in your life and learn how to consciously create what you want.
Fall Package
A series of 3 sessions to be used October, November and December. Designed for looking at releasing and letting go of thing which no longer serve you. Perhaps there are family patterns, etc. These sessions go into the deepest aspects of self to realize you true purpose, potential and vision.
Divorce or Significant Relationship Ending Package
A series of 4 sessions to be used monthly consecutively. Designed to clear heavier energy such as resentment, anger, grief etc. Followed by cutting cords which brings power that you had lost back to you. A deeper level of the work which includes patterns that no longer serve you. Finally stepping into your dream of what you would like to draw to yourself.
Group Healing Sessions
Group healing sessions are developed on a customized basis with a focus on the collective needs of the individuals. Please contact Kari to discuss your personal interests and needs.
Monthly Full Moon Fire Ceremony
Held monthly and open to the public. This is a transformational ceremony where you bring your intentions for healing. Those that attend will be able to release negative energies, tie up loose ends, and purge negative elements that have been weighing them down. Although this is done in the support of a group, it is a personal ceremony. 90-minute event which may vary depending on how many participants. Pre-registration is required. My gift to you! Read more here.
Quarterly Despacho Ceremony
This is a traditional sacred ceremony from the Peruvian Andes tradition of South America. It is a ceremony for Anyi (meaning right relationship, balance, harmony, and reciprocity) with offerings to the Earth and mountains. In the ceremony, we give thanks and gratitude for the blessings of our lives, as well as ask for support, healing, and/or balance. Each participant is cleansed and blessed. Offered on or around the winter and summer solstices, and spring and fall equinoxes. Pre-registration is required. Read more here.

Other Services:

    • Baby blessings
    • Space clearings/blessings (home, office, etc.)

Things to Note:

    • All individual sessions can be done in-person or long distance via telephone or Zoom.

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